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14 June 2016

Dalton Library set for new home

Library books

Cumbria County Council is working with Dalton Community Association to relocate the library to the community centre, formerly Dalton Drill Hall.


The relocation will secure library services in Dalton and strengthens Dalton Community Association and the community centre. It also means the library opening hours will be extended significantly (from 9am-7pm, Monday-Friday).


To make sure the ‘new’ library is a success, the local community is being asked to put forward ideas and suggestions on how it should work, to help maximise its potential. Feedback can be made on Comments Cards available in the library.


Councillor Ian Stewart, Cumbria County Council Cabinet member for Community Services, said:


“We all know that Dalton Community Association is an important hub within the community in Dalton, and by having a library facility in the existing community hub it strengthens both activities. The financial challenges of local government are well understood, and in making this move we can ensure that Dalton residents are able to access what a library can offer. 


“Although some of the details are still being finalised, we’re hopeful that we’ll have the new community facility up and running by the end of the summer.  The relocation will secure library services in Dalton and we think it’s a positive move for both the library and the town. We’re very keen to make it a success and would welcome any ideas and suggestions on how it should work.


“This relocation will not lead to staffing reductions. The new library facility will be mainly self-service, with a member of staff present for part of one day each week. Library staff from nearby areas will also come to Dalton on a regular basis to run events and make sure that the books that are available are what residents want.”
Dalton Library is to move into Dalton Community Centre later this year.