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19 April 2016

Change of Highways Hotline telephone number

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The change from a 0845 number to a 0300 number will mean a lower call cost for the majority of callers, although this will depend on which phone company they are with, whether it is a land line or mobile, and where they are calling from.

Anyone calling the Cumbria County Council Highways Hotline on the 0845 number will still get through. A recorded message will inform them that it is cheaper to redial on the 0300 number, but they will also be given the option to remain on the line to be connected. Callers will also be encouraged to report highways issues online.

The recorded message will run until such time as calls to the 0845 have reduced to a minimum.

Cumbria County Council did not generate any income from the 0845 number and this will remain the case for the new 0300 number.

A full programme is in place to ensure the old number is replaced across the range of materials and locations it appears on. This transition will take place over the coming weeks.

To report a highways fault visit www.cumbria.gov.uk/highwayshotline
The Cumbria County Council Highways Hotline number has changed. The new number is 0300 303 2992. The hotline is one method by which the public can report issues with the highway.