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08 December 2016

New campaign launched to help Cumbria get ‘winter ready’

A new campaign has been launched as part of Cumbria’s ‘winter ready’ plans to ensure people have the right information, advice and guidance at their fingertips, helping them be better prepared for the coming months.

As well as a new website ‘cumbriawinterready.org.uk’ the campaign will also involve a whole programme of targeted social media activity helping to ensure that residents and businesses are kept up to date with all the latest ‘winter ready’ advice and information.

The Campaign has been developed, and is supported by, a wide range of partners including Cumbria County Council, the six District Councils, Cumbria Community Foundation and the Environment Agency and was launched on 5 December, a date that also marked a full year since the devastating floods in Cumbria last winter.

The campaign provides advice and assistance on everything you need to know to help you be prepared and to get winter ready, including:

  • Emergency planning - advice on how to protect your home from flooding and find out if you are at risk.

  • Financial support available - grants and funding available for people affected by flooding.

  • Winter driving - how to stay safe, keep up to date with road and weather information and make your vehicle ready for winter.

  • Health advice - staying well this winter.

Councillor Stewart Young, Leader of Cumbria County Council, said:

“Last winter was a really tough time for many of our communities affected by flooding. The county council has been working hard on the recovery programme to repair flood damaged infrastructure, including roads and bridges. A lot of progress has been made over the past 12 months and we are well on the road to recovery but there is a huge amount of work still to do. We have also been working with local communities to help them become more resilient this winter. As part of this effort, we have worked with our partners to launch this new campaign including our new dedicated website to provide a one-stop source of information and advice to help residents and businesses prepare for the coming winter.

“We will also be promoting this key information to people through all of our social media platforms. One of the things we learnt during the floods was the valuable role that social media has to play in helping us keep people informed and up to date.”

The campaign will help signpost residents and businesses to the information they need, providing the latest update on what funding is available to help those affected by flooding, as well as providing a single place for the promotion of a wide range of related winter campaigns such as health, flu vaccinations and advice on how to stay warm and take care of your neighbours.

There will also be a focus on flooding and emergency preparedness, advising people on how to sign up to flood alerts and have their own household flood action plans in place should the worst happen again.

For more information visit www.cumbriawinterready.org.uk and look out for #winterready updates coming soon via social media.


Here are some additional key facts from last year’s Cumbria floods 2015/16 :

Did you know:


  • Total approx. cost of Cumbria flood recovery - £500m - includes costs for repairing damage to residential properties, business premises, key infrastructure e.g. roads, bridges.

  • £150m secured from central government to fund infrastructure recovery.

  • 5,319 households were flooded and so far 87% have returned to their homes.

  • 1,029 businesses were flooded and 81% are now fully operational again.

  • £2.3m value of community grants awarded so far to all flooded households (£500 per household)

  • £3.2m value of flood resilience grants awarded so far to individual home owners (£5,000 per household)

  • £3.4m value of grants awarded so far to businesses affected by flooding


  • Major structural failures to A591, A592 and A686

  • 49 roads closed due to flooding

  • 23 carriageways and slopes repairs completed to date, 97 currently in progress in 2016/17

  • 170 carriageways and slopes scheduled for works in the 2017/18 works programme

  • £25m to be invested in 2016/17 for highways & structural repairs

  • £45m estimated to be invested in 2017/18 for highways & structural repairs

  • £47m estimated to be invested beyond 2017/18 for highways & structural repairs


  • 3 bridges washed away

  • A total of 557 bridges damaged by Storm Desmond.

  • 130 repair works have been completed as part of the 2016/17 programme of works.

  • There are 327 bridges which require repair works as part of the 2017/18 programme of works.

  • Repairs to the remaining 100 bridges will be completed in 2018/19.

A new campaign has been launched as part of Cumbria�s �winter ready� plans