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01 August 2017

‘From Plot to Plate’ - Chef John Crouch cookery demo from Salterbeck Community Allotment

Local celebrity chef John Crouch is hosting a cookery demonstration from Salterbeck Community Allotment on Thursday 3 August at 2pm. The event, ‘From Plot to Plate’ is being run in partnership with Impact Housing and Workington Town Council, and will only use produce grown at the community allotment - most of which has been planted and maintained by young people working with Cumbria County Council’s Specialist Youth Service teams.   The local community and media are welcome to attend this one-off event, and John will be providing advice and top tips on how to grow, store and cook fruit and vegetables.

Background - Specialist Youth Service working in local allotments

Young people within Cumbria who are at risk of becoming involved in crime or have been in trouble with the law are currently taking part in allotment projects to help provide fresh fruit and vegetables to vulnerable community members.  Earlier this year, the Carlisle and Workington Specialist Youth Service Intervention teams were given derelict allotments that had been unused for a number of years.  Young people spent most of the winter and spring months clearing the areas, making footpaths, plotting out lots and constructing poly tunnels.  The fruits (or vegetables) of their labour are now ripe and ready for cooking!

Developing skills

These projects have allowed young people to experience a working environment along with developing their knowledge about health and safety procedures.  The young people have also worked with the local community to develop their communication skills, and the teams have seen positive changes in their confidence and self-esteem.  Alongside improving their skills, young people can gain an Accreditation Entry Level Award in Skills for Employment, Training and Personal Development or a Level 1 Improving your Confidence and Emotional Intelligence. 

Giving back to the community

The Workington Allotment is now complete and growing produce which is intended to be distributed to homeless young people and elderly community members.  A key aim of the project is to reintegrate our young people back into their local community.  This is achieved by investing their free time and effort into a community project, helping to promote greater pride in their local area.  The food produced is also given to the young people themselves and used to educate them about healthy eating and develop independent living skills.  The Carlisle allotment has just started planting seeds and it is hoped they will be able to offer their produce to community groups in the near future.

Please donate old gardening equipment

The long term future for the allotments is to make them self-sufficient and increase what is grown to benefit more vulnerable members of our communities.  We also accept donations - so if you have any old gardening equipment, pallets, planters, pots or seeds that you no longer need you could donate these to your local allotment. 

Local celebrity chef John Crouch is hosting a cookery demonstration from Salterbeck Community Allotment on Thursday 3 August at 2pm.