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02 February 2017

Launch of Cumbria No Cold Calling Zone Toolkit

Cumbria Trading Standards have officially launched a self-help tool kit for establishing No Cold Calling Zones.  The toolkit, which has been produced to assist residents and local communities set up their own zones, includes a step by step guide to follow along with door stickers and signage for the zone area.

The idea behind these zones is about local residents or communities having the confidence to say “No” to uninvited salespeople and to warn rogue traders and cold callers that they are being watched. They have also proven effective in reducing overall incidents of rogue trading and distraction burglary.

Hundreds of zones are now operating successfully across the UK with reports of significant crime reduction and a greater feeling of security amongst residents.

Incidents where people have lost thousands of pounds to rogue traders are now not unusual. The Zones are an initiative that helps to provide support to residents and sends a clear message to rogue traders that they are unwelcome and their trading practices will be investigated if they cold-call residents within the designated area.

Three new zones have recently been launched in the South Lakes area, using the new toolkit with the help of Low Furness Councillor Janet Willis, who is also Cumbria County Council Cabinet member for Trading Standards.

Janet said:

“For a long time the residents of Kirk Flatt, Urswick and the Park Field and Park View areas of Swarthmoor have been asking for a no cold-calling zone to reduce the number of uninvited traders calling at their homes. Working alongside Cumbria Police, the council’s Trading Standards team have provided guidance to help implement the new zones, which have been warmly welcomed by residents.”

John Greenbank, Trading Standards Manager at Cumbria County Council, said:

“It’s great to see that communities can now be empowered to take the fight against rogue traders into their own hands. These zones have proved to be a great deterrent for bogus callers in Cumbria.”

If you or your local community are considering setting up a zone the tool kit can be found on our website at:


Cumbria Trading Standards have officially launched a self-help tool kit for establishing No Cold Calling Zones.