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12 June 2017

Shared Lives Cumbria celebrates Shared Lives Week 2017 with Boccia tournament at the Sands Centre

Cumbria County Council’s Shared Lives team is celebrating Shared Lives Week 2017 by co-hosting a special Boccia tournament on June 21 at the Sands Centre in Carlisle in partnership with the Heathland’s Project.  The aim of the event is to celebrate the dedication and enthusiasm of Shared Lives carers and service users in North Cumbria, and to spread awareness of the Shared Lives care model.

What is Boccia?

Boccia is a precision ball sport, similar to boules, contested at local, national and international level by athletes and competitors with learning and / or physical disabilities.  Since 1984, Boccia has been a Paralympic sport and is played in more than 50 countries worldwide.

What is Shared Lives?

Shared Lives is a scheme that matches adults who need support with host carers - who provide them with respite, day support or long term care in the carer’s home. Shared Lives is all about one household sharing their lives, families, home, interests, experience and skills with other people who need some help and support to live their life to the full as part of their local community.  There are approximately 13,500 people using Shared Lives across the UK.

The event is being run in partnership with the Heathland’s Project.  The aim of the Heathland’s Project is to deliver engaging and progressive activity in a stimulating and safe environment for adults with learning disabilities in Carlisle and surrounding areas.

The tournament begins at 10.15am (finishing at approx. 2.15pm) and is open to all - we’d encourage families, friends, carers and loved ones to stay and support the event and meet members of the Shared Lives Cumbria team.  Lunch will also be provided at this free event at 12.30pm.  Prizes will be awarded at 2pm!

Please confirm your attendance (and if you’d like to play in one of the teams) by calling Charlotte Dodds, Shared Lives Supervisor on 01228 226053.

Shared Lives week runs from 17 - 25 June 2017, during which Shared Lives teams, carers and service users will be getting the word out about this unique form of care and support.

Charlotte Dodds, Shared Lives supervisor in North Cumbria, says:

“Shared Lives is well established in other parts of the country and provides a fantastic opportunity for adults who need some support to live happy and healthy lives as part of their local community. We’re really pleased to be celebrating Shared Lives Week 2017 with this special Boccia tournament! 

“We’re also looking for more new carers to come forward who are patient, understanding and compassionate - that’s all you need to make a difference to people’s lives.  All Shared Lives carers receive a generous allowance from the council as well as full support, training and guidance from the council team. We’d encourage anyone to come along on the day to watch, join in, or just have a chat with a member of our friendly team.” 

Alex Fox, Chief Executive of Shared Lives Plus, the UK Network for Shared Lives and Homeshare said:

“I’m delighted to see Cumbria is involved in Shared Lives week 2017. Our theme this year is Shared Lives ‘Choice For All’ because everyone involved in Shared Lives has a choice about whom to live with. We also believe that Shared Lives should be offered as a choice to everyone who could benefit.

In Cumbria, Shared Lives is available to people with learning disabilities, people with mental health needs, older people assessed as needing support and young people entering adulthood.

Whenever someone needs support, people to talk to and a place to belong, Shared Lives can be a great choice to offer them.”

Cumbria County Council�s Shared Lives team is celebrating Shared Lives Week 2017 by co-hosting a special Boccia tournament on June 21 at the Sands Centre.