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09 August 2021

County council’s Local Committee for Eden meets ‘in person’ for the first time since start of pandemic

Cumbria County Council's Local Committee for Eden met on Thursday 29 July at Penrith Rugby Club, in the presence of press and public. This was the first in-person committee meeting since the start of the pandemic.

At the meeting Cllr Phil Dew (Kirkby Stephen) was elected as Chairman of Eden Local Committee for 2021/2022, and Cllr David Whipp (Penrith Rural) was elected as Vice Chairman.
Members received a recommendation to support a strategic project from the council’s Children and Young People's Working Group for Eden. The pilot project ‘Activate Through Movement’ will be delivered by Eden Valley Sports Partnership (EVSP) through the 2021-2022 academic year and will be available in participating secondary schools in Eden from September. 

The aim of the project is to introduce new sports opportunities that are both free and accessible. Funding for the strategic project will enable new sports clubs to be established, provide training opportunities for young leaders and equipment for new sports. The activities will be open to all young people to try, encouraging them to be more active by offering new opportunities in sport.

Cllr Phil Dew said:

“I’m pleased to have been elected as the Chairman of Eden Local Committee for the second consecutive year. The Local Committee is an important part of Cumbrian democracy and ensures a local focus on policy and a forum for engaging with our local communities. I continue to take this responsibility seriously and hope to build upon the work undertaken during my first year in the role.”

“The last year has been a challenging one for all of us and I’m proud of the way the people of Eden have stood together in the face of COVID-19. I’m committed to doing everything I can as Chairman to support the continued recovery effort and helping our communities and businesses to thrive once again. I hope we can all look forward optimistically to a year of opportunity and growth.”

“I’m delighted that the local committee has agreed to support the Activate Through Movement project for young people in Eden. There are many challenges for young people in Eden with regards to accessing sporting opportunities outside of school curriculum PE, especially for those in secondary education. We hope the project will encourage more young people to participate in sport of their own choice, try something new and create positive experiences they can build on into their adult life.”

Cllr David Whipp said:

“I am looking forward to supporting our Chairman over the coming year and working with the people of Eden to build up our communities and helping them to be more resilient, well connected and thriving.”

Members of Eden Local Committee also received an update on the allocations of the Contain Outbreak Management Fund (COMF) which has been made available in response to community recovery from the pandemic. Officers from the Eden Area Team have been communicating with community groups and third sector organisations in Eden, sharing information about funds that are now available to ‘Harness Local Capacity’ and ‘Improve Outdoor Spaces.’

The aim of the funding is to support the additional services needed to meet increased demand, and encourage residents to enjoy their local area and attract new visitors away from the ‘honey pot’ areas.

Community groups wishing to apply for funds should email: Eden.Areasupport@cumbria.gov.uk with details of their project, and for more information on how to apply.  

Cumbria County Council's Local Committee for Eden met on Thursday 29 July at Penrith Rugby Club, in the presence of press and public.