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10 December 2015

Council appeals for details of pupils displaced by flooding

Cumbria County Council is appealing to flood affected families with children at school who are now in temporary accommodation to get in touch so alternative education or transport arrangements can be made.

With over 6000 properties affected there will be many school children who have had to move house, potentially a significant distance from their school. Added to that, if they are in Carlisle their school may also have been badly damaged by flooding.

In some cases, due to displacement, children may need to take up a place at another school, or they may now require school transport to access their original school.

The council needs details of all children in this situation so that arrangements can be co-ordinated properly and the impact of flooding to children’s education can be minimised.

Parents in this position are asked to contact the Schools Admissions Team on 01228 221582 or email school.admissions@cumbria.gov.uk. Alternatively provide details online at www.cumbria.gov.uk/floods2015/children.asp

As spokesperson for Cumbria County Council said:

“With the damage to schools the floods have already had a big impact, but for children who’ve been displaced by flooding it can really affect their education. Practically we need to ensure all children have access to a school that meets their needs, for some that might mean having to go to a new school on a temporary basis, for others we may be able to arrange school transport to help them to continue to attend their original school – but to do that we need to know who they are! We’d really urge parents to get in touch on the phone or fill in our online form so we can help.”

This is an archived copy of a news release originally published on www.cumbria.gov.uk